I think they will be.

I’ve enjoyed several virtual food and drink events this lockdown
Like everyone else, i’m looking forward to dining inside restaurants from 17th may (my birthday ) and welcoming guests back on Food Walking Tours.
During lockdown, I’ve been enjoying attempting cooking new recipes (some meals better than others) and many takeaways…BUT the thing I’ve really enjoyed has been virtual food/drink events.
I’ve taken part in a variety over the past few months and enjoyed Sherry, cheese, wine, and beer to name but a few.
What’s not to like! The food/drink gets delivered to your door, you get to sample and enjoy new foods/drink and learn about them from experts on a ‘school night’
These virtual events are great for all kinds of entertaining – including family, friends and corporate. It’s a novel and fun way for social interaction.
I have teamed up/taken part in events with independent businesses such as Lunya and That Beer Place and throughly recommend.
TIP – If you are drinking mid week make sure you don’t have early morning meetings/calls booked in for the following day 🙂