So much has happened since my food tours restarted in May and its great to be back.
To date, guests have visited Liverpool and Chester from all over the UK – including London, Yorkshire, Essex, Wales and Staffordshire. The food tours have been booked for so many different reasons too. Ranging from Hen Do’s, friends and family social get togethers, couples, birthday celebrations and corporate events.

I find it so exciting to meet different people who LOVE food and drink and want to learn more about the city and explore off the beaten track. The 1st class food and drink obviously are the STARS of the experience, as our the AMAZING independents I partner with. Their passion, energy, customer service and creativity, makes my job a lot easier and it’s so rewarding to hear their stories.

This summer, the food tours have continued to showcase many of the superb restaurants/venues that I have partnered with for many years but NEW independent venues are now being showcased, and I’m continuing to add more to the tours to keep things fresh and ensure that my tour guests continue to enjoy the best food and drink in the city.

New tour experiences are continually being added, including The EAT & DRINK ITALY TOUR in Liverpool launching very soon. Being able to continue to develop the tours. concept, and looking at new ways to enhance customer service is key for me

Hopefully see you on a future tour soon