If you join a Taste of Liverpool Food Walking Tour you get to meet so many fab independents – 6 in fact! Hannah Cave – owner of Fodder – might be one of these retailers/business owners

Tell us about you and your business:

Six years ago I had the idea for a fibre arts studio with a little juice bar and sandwich shop in the corner which was going to be called Fruit + Fibres.  Everything took a lot longer to organise than originally planned and by the time we had a suitable space with all the necessary consents in place most of my fibre arts tutors had found other jobs!  I still went ahead and opened the venue as a café with occasional arts and crafts courses in April 2015.  Over the first couple of years the cafe took on a life of its own.  We developed a reputation for serving hearty no nonsense meals – scouse, chilli, curry, jacket potatoes – that sort of thing, and our breakfasts are legendary. We had a rebrand and became Fodder Canteen, and kept a focus on the food our regulars loved, but also developed our “Scouse” theme.  Our Scouse is legendary – I believe we are the only café in the world to have an all you can eat Scouse Bar!  We also added in other local dishes such as Peawack, Wet Nelly,  and Liverpool Judy, and took this a step further by incorporating these dishes into a Scouse Afternoon Tea which is very popular.


Since the outbreak of Covid19 we have unfortunately had to close the café, but we have carried on cooking under the banner of Fodder At Home.  We’re taking our customers favourite dishes out to their own homes, and this has been a fantastic opportunity for us to keep in touch with our regulars. 

What you enjoy most about running your business:
For me the best bit is the interaction with the customers, especially when we’re serving the Scouse Afternoon Teas.  We have a little side room called The Parlour, and it’s kitted out like your nan’s dining room.  There’s a big old dresser covered in vintage china and proper old fashioned carpet.  When I show customers into The Parlour you can see all the old memories come flooding back as they look around.  And then when they start on their food many of them comment that they can remember these flavours from years ago.  It’s simply lovely to have these moments with my customers!



Your thoughts on the local independent food/drink scene:
The Baltic Triangle is a pretty special place – there’s so many fantastic places to eat and drink, and there’s always someone new starting something different around the corner.  It’s definitely a place to be explored!


Your customers favourite food served at Fodder:

I think the traditional slow cooked mutton Scouse has to be the favourite, both when the café was open and now as a takeaway dish through Fodder at Home.  It’s proper comfort food.