I’ve been fortunate to attend a lot of tours across the globe. The stand out ones for me are not only the ones that have offered amazing tastes, sounds, views etc but for me it’s the tour guide that can make the tour experience and create vivid memories. Of course, the tour guide should be knowledgable, prompt and polite/friendly but they should also be/have the following:-

Personality and charisma

Great tour guides are entertainers.
A Tour with ‘Captain Ron’ from Tru Bahamian Food Tours was the last one I experienced. Dressed in a captain’s uniform (possibly not for the UK’s weather) , he was a real character – personable, very confident, had good rapport with both customer and food/drink vendors. The food I ate was great but over time I’ll forget it…but I’ll never forget ‘Captain Ron’

Make YOU feel special and important

Great tour guides will offer a tailored personal approach. They seem to really care about YOU – the tour guest. Years ago, I enjoyed a food walking tour in the Meat Packing district (NYC). I was one of about 15 tour guests and what amazed/impressed me right from the start of the tour was that our guide (sorry I’m unable to remember his name – it was a king time ago), could recite everyone’s names throughout. He ‘personalised’ the tour and enhanced the experience. It really showed how important his interaction with me and other guests was before the actual tour start

As May 2021 looms and hopefully restrictions ease, I’m really looking forward to welcoming my guests/You on my tours. Apart from offering all of the traits highlighted above, I also pride myself on offering tours which immerse guests into a memorable experience- one that not only provides you with the opportunity to EAT, DRINK AND EXPLORE but also meet, interact and enjoy the company of the fantastic independents I partner with.

What do you think? Do you agree with the above? I’d love to hear your thoughts