Due to my lack of knowledge about Liverpool as a city, (despite the various connotations of the
Beatles and football), I was curious and excited for my day out on a Liverpool Food Tour. After
thoroughly enjoying partaking in a Chester Food Tour last year, I wondered whether Liverpool would
meet the incredible and delicious range of food I consumed in Chester. The group began by
gathering at a small, rustic bakery which certainly exceeded expectations. Having worked in a local,
family-run bakery for several years I can safely say I know the difference between a good and bad
croissant but ‘Rough Hand Made’ started the day off perfectly with an amazing selection of freshly
baked goods. Following this, the group stopped at the authentic, award-winning Spanish restaurant
‘Luna’ where we enjoyed a traditional Catalonian breakfast and learnt more about the Liverpool
Docks (where we were situated). Throughout the tour, Gareth was informative and engaging as he
pointed out hidden secrets about landmarks as we ventured from one stop to the next. Likewise, the
owners of each stop were equally as passionate, particularly in stop number three – ‘P & D’s’ – truly
the most marvellous stop for a true taste of Italy. Donato was engaging and gave a generous
description of each cake and savouries contents. This was most certainly my favourite stop due to
the exquisite flavours and creations this traditional bakery provided, alongside the emotion that
Donato added to the tour experience. It certainly reinforced how Liverpool Food Tours offers a
unique experience, featuring a wide range of food for everyone to enjoy. We then moved onto the
next stop where we enjoyed a refreshing glass of especially chosen wine with some light snacks (yes,
we had room for more!). This was very enjoyable since the wine complimented the foods we had
already tasted and allowed us to have a small break from food, whilst also learning about the origins
of the shop and learning more about Liverpool in general. After, we were able to enjoy some
delicious doughnuts within Duke Street Market which had a relaxed and enjoyable vibe. The tour
ended with the most unique and quirky stop. We were able to try three different types of tea,
surrounded by the most incredible range of fascinating flavours such as ‘cherry bakewell.’ We learnt
about this family-run business’ history and were able to take home our own bag of ‘Liverpool
Breakfast’ – one of our delicious tasters. Overall, Gareth was an engaging and informative tour
guide, allowing us to really appreciate the food that Liverpool has to offer and the tour is certainly
one of the best days out in this us to really appreciate the food that Liverpool has to offer and the tour is certainly
one of the best days out in this impressive city to see beneath the surface (and a fab opportunity to taste some truly amazing food!)

Hannah Boyd