We are delighted that Liverpool Food & Running Tours will be launching this Summer 2019.

A walking or running tour is a great way to explore a city and we are really excited about our new Liverpool venture 😃

Here’s some comments from my 18 year old daughter on make makes a City Tour experience so special.

‘Tours have been a fascination to my family since we started to travel longer distances. I mean – is there any better way to get a sense of a place than by trying out its most famous foods or learning the top tips and tricks to make the most of your stay? First hand, I have been able to explore and learn ‘Sydneysiders’ favourite things to do in their city, visit the famous ‘Friends’ apartment in New York and visit ‘the 8th wonder of the world’, Niagara Falls. Each with a bubbly, charming and inviting personality, the tour guides in all these amazing places have created an experience that my family and I treasure.
One of my favourite tour destinations was Rome – the Colosseum. On a lovely, sunny day, the ruins looked incredible, but our tour provided a real insight to the history it held. The nuggets of information were explained in such a passionate way, which fascinated everyone in the group. Similarly, the group was able to grasp the contemporary culture within the Colosseum as well as Rome itself. It was clear that everyone in the group was engaged, with many opportunities to take photos and positive reactions at the end.
Like Rome, Liverpool is very picturesque but also contains a mass of history. Liverpool is home to not only a great selection of shops but also a wide range of food and drink locations, making it one of my favourite places for a day out. The variety is amazing! Anything from pizza to Thai food or Scouse delicacies. Yum! Not only does a tour of Liverpool enable you to experience this taste sensation, but also to learn about cultures and traditions. Likewise, the support for local business’ is fantastic. 
Not just the food but the landmarks are super special – all perfect photo spots, each with a lot of interesting facts behind them. As well as tours, you could certainly say that running is a passion to my family too. So, for those who share the same interests, can you imagine anything better than a running tour? Again, from our travels we have engaged in a range of these tours which are a fab way to see more of an area, slightly faster than walking…Maybe the best option for some would be gin & tonic or beer tours for the alcohol enthusiasts. With A LOT of pubs available, history can be learnt alongside them. Ideal!
Overall, I would encourage others to book a tour when next taking a visit somewhere new – whether that’s abroad or local. No matter how well you think you know somewhere, there will always be secrets or tips to uncover or new places to discover, which could later become your favourite! As for cost, it always varies but to keep you full and potentially come across something right up your street is worth so much, right? Tours are certainly the way to go, no doubt about it’.”